Published in December 2020 with the permission of the superior of The Oratory of Saint Philip Neri (in formation) at Cardiff, the Oratorium gives the order for the celebration of the daily Oratory Spiritual Exercises which are the heart of St. Philip Neri’s spirituality.  These simple yet profound prayers are drawn from the wellsprings of the Church’s perennial tradition.

In addition to the Oratorian spiritual exercises for each day of the week, the Oratorium contains:

  • Marian chants and antiphons, with their versicles & prayers:
    • Sub tuum præsidium (Under thy protection)
    • Alma Redemptoris Mater
    • Ave Regina Cælorum
    • Regina Cæli
    • Salve Regina
  • The Prayer of Venerable Cæsar Baronius to St. Philip Neri, together with a beautiful lithograph of the Saint venerating the Crucifix of our Lord
  •  Litany of the Saints of Wales
  • Order for the Clothing of a Novice of the Congregation
  • Order for the Chapter of Faults
  • The Te Deum Laudamus with chant notation

The book is beautifully bound in hardback, with black and red print. There are two ribbons sewn into the spine.

Perfect gift for Brothers of the Little Oratory throughout the world; useful for Oratorian communities in formation.

Approx. 60 pages. Hardback.