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St. Philip Evans was born at Monmouthshire in 1645. He worked diligently for four years, saying Mass, administering the Sacraments and preaching in Welsh and English.

On 21st July 1679, orders arrived that his execution was to take place the following day. At that time he was playing tennis on the court near St John’s Church. When the gaoler went to the tennis court to tell the priest the news and to return him to prison, Fr Evans remarked, “What haste is there? Let me first play out my game.” This he did! Fr Philip Evans was then taken to the place of martyrdom.

When he mounted the scaffold Fr Evans said; “This is the best pulpit a man can have to preach in, therefore, I cannot forbear to tell you again that I die for God and for Religion’s sake.” He addressed the crowd in English and in Welsh, then turning to Fr Lloyd, who stood waiting his own turn, he said, “Adieu, Mr Lloyd! Though only for a little time, for we shall soon meet again.”

The saint’s feast Day is the 23rd July.

St Philip Evans, Ora Pro Nobis

Only 2 left in stock

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St. Philip Evans Statue

  • Height: 31cm
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  • Material: Plaster

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Weight 1.2 kg
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