by St. Louis-Marie de Monfort

This leather-bound edition of True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin  is one of the greatest most celebrated books ever written about Our Lady. Praised by Popes, mystics, and theologians, this profound and powerful book presents Mary as the essential and infallible key to the heart of Jesus. Nowhere will one find a deeper and more life-changing book on that quintessentially Catholic doctrine: the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the life of the Christian and the life of the Church.

Unpublished during the saint’s life time, this book ahs enjoyed the endorsement of the many outstanding Popes with which the Church has been blessed since the book’s discover in 1842. St. John Paul II, in particular, was its tireless champion, crediting True Devotion with a turning-point in his spiritual life, adopting his papal motto, Totus tuus, totally yours, from St. Louis de Monfort’s work.

The key to de Monfort’s Marian spirituality is that he considered Our Lady to be the infallible and chosen gate to the heart of Christ — “To Jesus, through Mary” — it is Christ Himself Who is at the centre of the True Devotion.

Reading this book was to be a turning point in my life. … This Marian devotion … has since remained a part of me. It is an integral part of my interior life and my spiritual theology.
—St. John Paul II

Size: 5 1/2″ (13.97 cm) x 8 1/3″ (21.17 cm)
176 pages
Hardcover (blue leather)
Ribbon included
Published by Baronius Press, Ltd.