The Guild Book Shop is an apostolate of the
The Oratory of St Philip Neri at Cardiff

The Guild Shop’s purpose is to promote and support the Catholic faithful and their families in the pursuit of personal holiness through access to classical prayer books, Roman missals, spiritual reading, Church History, lives of the saints, manuals of popular Catholic piety, handmade rosaries
and other Catholic and Oratorian publications.

Roman Catholic Daily Missal

£ 47.00

A daily missal (according to the typical edition of 1962) that provides everything you need for the Usus Antiquior of the Roman Rite, plus many other prayers and devotions for private use. Latin/English side by side.  This Misasl is the first totally re-typeset, Latin-English daily missal for Usus Antiquior of the Roman Rite the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican. It boasts of being the most complete missal ever produced in the English language. The missal is affordable, while still remaining of the highest quality and durability. The Roman Catholic Daily Missal will become a life-long liturgical companion —at Church, at home, and on the road. Features include: All new typesetting —not a photographic reproduction: clear and crisp type; according to the 1962 juxta typica (typical edition) of the Missale Romanum; 1,980 pages; all liturgical texts in Latin and English (both Propers and Ordinary); all readings in English (Douay-Rheims translation) and Latin; all music in Gregorian notation; Ordinary with rubrics in red; Gilt-edged pages; five liturgically-colored non-fraying ribbons; Smythe Sewn, rounded back binding with durable, leather-like Skivertex polymer gold-embossed flexible cover; rounded corners on pages and cover; reinforced 80-pound (36 kg) resin-impregnated endsheets for extreme durability; printed and bound in the United States on the highest quality, natural Bible paper imported from France especially for this missal; and fully and thoroughly indexed.


Walsingham: Pilgrims and Pilgrimage


A new edition of Fr Michael Rear’s definitive book, originally published to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the foundation of the Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham. Michael Rear is uniquely qualified to write this book. His experience of many years of ministry in Walsingham, together with his meticulous research, fluent style of writing and choice of illustrations in the 32 pages of colour and 16 pages of black and white illustrations have combined to produce what will certainly become the standard work on pilgrims and pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Walsingham. This comprehensive work begins with the pre-Christian era and is brought through triumph and tragedy right up to the present day. In an exciting new development the book chronicles the recent re-discovery of the mediaeval image of Our Lady crowned by King Henry III and dating to 1220-1230.

News from the Oratory
Our Lady of Penrhys

The shrine of Our Lady, situated in the heart of the Rhondda Valley, dates back to Medieval times. Originally, Penrhys was part of the estate that belonged to the Cistercians of Llantarnam Abbey. Tradition has it that an image of Our Lady was discovered in an oak tree, and, as news spread, people flocked from all over the area to visit the statue. The image of Our Lady was thought to have been immovable until a shrine Chapel was built, just above the Holy Well. Pilgrims flocked to the shrine for hundreds of years. During the time of the Reformation, the image was taken to London on the orders of Thomas Cromwell. Despite attempts to stop pilgrims making the journey to Our Lady, pilgrims continue to make their way to a quiet, yet important place in our diocese.


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