Ethics: The Challenges of Modernity


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After a first part, which is critical of a philosophical vision and which leads from the search for a provisional morality to a morality provisional by nature, this work analyzes the problem of moral and social values in an attempt to arrive at a social morality shared by all. A series of premises is discovered, and they are inalienable – such as work, the person, responsibility, pluralism, the ethics of conflict, the right to truth, a sense of limits, faith in society, citizenship, brotherhood, and their corollaries: freedom, dignity, equality, justice, solidarity, and others, as well – which are the cornerstones of a social life in which all people can fulfil their own, most legitimate aspirations. These social values, in a climate of growing security, make the development of intelligence and growth of culture possible. These aspirations are what characterize human nature. The book concludes with a very brief itinerary for an historical analysis, a draft to enable further research, with the intention of bringing out the fact that despite some recurring pessimistic views, the pathway of humanity is accompanied by a constant effort to improve, even though at times it is strewn with frustrations and dangerous phases of political abnormality.

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Author: Rocco Pezzimenti
Publisher: Gracewing
Date: 2013
Format: Paperback Pages: 261
ISBN: 978-0-85244-813-7

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