The ‘Making of Men’. The Idea and Reality of Newman’s university in Oxford and Dublin


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In The ‘Making of Men’, original research and judicious piecing together of the evidence furnish new insights into John Henry Cardinal Newman. In his work as founder and first rector of the Catholic University in Dublin, we see not so much the thinker as the doer, a brilliant mind turning an improbable dream into a bricks-and-mortar reality. The author shows how Newman virtually single-handedly nurtured a university into existence in lecture hall, student residence and debating society. This perceptive study provides a pastoral idea of an academic university by one of the great Christian humanists, and from it emerges an inspiring vision of what education should strive to accomplish – of what it means ‘to be made men’. Newman always engages the reader, and his vision challenges the modern university to be true to itself.

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Author: Paul Shrimpton
Publisher: Gracewing
Date: 2014
Format: Paperback Pages: 587
ISBN: 978-0-85244-824-3

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